Friday, August 19, 2011

Teetering BETWEEN awe and envy

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 10:21 AM

If I were Jessica Warman, I'd be really happy with the cover for Between.

I'd also be pretty darned proud of myself.

What an awesome read!

Struck by the gorgeous and somewhat haunting cover, Between was an impulse buy for me. After powering through the first chapter while idling in Wal-Mart's book department, there was no way I could leave it on the shelf.

Warman sets the scene from the first few pages - a popular girl, celebrating her 18th birthday on her dad's private yacht, roused from sleep by a persistent noise. The noise is her own body, brand new cowboy boots and all, banging against the pier. Dead.

Elizabeth is now trapped between her living self - and her floating dead girl self, while she unravels the mystery of her life and the circumstances of her death.

Luckily, the cover isn't the only beautiful part of this book. Warman's writing style is enviable, a cross between literary and commercial, and overall breathtaking. The first chapter is haunting, and the book is peppered with clues and fine details that compel you to turn the page. I loved every word.

So much so, I kind of wished there were more of them. It's not a small novel (400+ pages), but I was hoping to see some of the story lines flushed out a little more. I admit, I correctly "guessed" some of the end, early dismissing the red herrings. While it didn't spoil the read, I am left a little wanting...but that could just be my desire for more of Warman's work.

This isn't her debut novel, which is good because I'm already on the hunt for another book she's written.

- Dawn


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