Monday, September 5, 2011

A room fit for (my) princess

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 6:45 PM

When I was a kid, "room decor" consisted of a collage featuring glam rock icons - well, really, just their hair because let's face it, the 80s were all about the hair.

Posters lined every square inch of my bedroom - mostly of *cough* Rikki Rockett, the drummer for the band Poison. I was a little obsessed.

It wasn't until I took some interior design classes as an adult that I gained an appreciation for "design." My stepdaughter has it figured out much sooner.

When we moved into our country home a few months ago, one of the loft bedrooms (the biggest) was painted entirely black. My teen's dream - or so we thought.

Black is stark. And dark. Certainly not inspiring.

But not wanting to lose the dark entirely, my stepdaughter opted to brighten things up with a lighter colour, choosing grey for two of the main walls. What a difference.

We filled the holes, repainted the black, and added the accent colours - and then handsome hubby volunteered to paint the wood floor a checkerboard of black and grey. Wow. Where was he when I was a kid trying to cover up the Diet Coke stains on my antiquated carpet?

The room isn't quite finished - there's framed pictures to place, furniture to paint, and curtains to hang. Not to mention to extra touch from her friends. On the black wall featuring the lips (I made those out of wood, cotton batting and satin material), my kidlet plans to have her friends paint her a message in neon paint, which she will then go over with a special glow-in-the-dark treatment.

Pretty cool, right?

The "craft room" is next on my list of home projects (don't tell hubby, who still waits for his garage), but with final reveals like this, I'm already starting to think of wall and floor treatments that will "pop" like my teen's awesome room.

How about you? What cool stuff makes your room "pop" - and what dream room could you image?

- Dawn

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Ooh, I like this! My mom wouldn't let me paint anything black so I was stuck with a plain white room, darn it all. When I got my own house, I went crazy with color -- now I write in a purple room. Fabulously inspirational.
Mary @ BookSwarm

I would LOVE a purple room. We just painted the sunroom, and mine is a great shade of yellow. I write there, but am still pondering the colour for my "winter" office.

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