Monday, October 3, 2011

The Busby Ghost

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 9:29 AM

I'm quite positive my husband cringes whenever I come up with a new "craft" idea. With anything more than a simple mod podge project, I'm leaning on him for help - and I expect him to succeed.

So, when I showed him a picture of a ghost made out of chicken wire and said, "Honey, I want this!" you can imagine the look of shock he offered. You want me to do what?

There were no handy YouTube directions, and my trusty Pinterest page didn't click through to an all-knowing set of how-to instructions.

Good thing my husband is not just brilliant, he's stubborn.

The pictures don't really do the ghost justice. We set the completed spirit on the stairs and used a small LED reading light to shine on his body. The effect was spooktacular! Unfortunately, the camera wouldn't focus on it properly without the flash - you can tell he's made of chicken wire in the photos, but when you round the corner of the stairs (as our neighbors did last night) and see him, "chicken wire" is not what you exclaim. *tee hee*

We scored a roll of flexible chicken wire from a friend, but it isn't expensive to buy. Our process was a bit hit or miss, and our next ghost will be faster and easier.

Here's what we did:

My stepdaughter acted as the first model, but after wrapping her in chicken wire,
we couldn't quite figure out how to get her out in one piece.  
So hubby suggested we try it in pieces. Nice leg, huh?

He insisted on doing the face alone...go figure.

And voila! We pieced him together. 

We used a small LED light to illuminate him. On Halloween, these ghosts
 (about 6) will line the front yard, each with small lights.
Trust me, from a distance, you can't see the chicken wire, and they look HAUNTING.

After a long day of creation, even the spirits must rest.

28 sleeps until Halloween!

- Dawn

PS - Leap into the Halloween spirit even faster. Check out the Leap Books and Bridge Social Media contest, where you can win a copy of SPIRITED anthology. I'm thrilled to have two stories included in this hauntingly good book.


I love your ghost! You should give him a name.

Duct tape a tiny wireless speaker to each ghost standing outside and from inside the house speak into a microphone scary sounds and personal comments to trick or treaters as they dare to enter your yard -- or run away in terror! Ha ha...

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