Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wrapping up Halloween decor

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 7:13 PM

Personally, I think mummies get the shaft at Halloween.

It's always the zombies, skeletons and movie characters like Freddy Kruger who take top scary billing - how many bandaged undeads do you see trick-or-treating?

We don't have much mummy decor around our house ,either.

But I'm thinking next year's theme - inside and out - might have to be a tribute to these ancient beasties. Check out these great craft and food ideas I found on Pinterest. (Yeah, I know, it's an addiction...)

For most of the crafts, all you'll need is some cheese cloth or white bandage gauze. Pick up some googly eyes and you can turn everything from vases and bottles to wooden blocks and wreaths into a creepy, or cute, mummy.

No carving required!

Tissue paper and a mason jar. Easy peasy.

Cheese dip wrapped in mozzarella slices.

Oreo cookies dipped in white chocolate.

Wrap vases, jars and containers with white gauze.
A perfect wreath for your mummy theme.
Hotdogs wrapped in pastry. Mustard eyes.
No way MY dogs would do this, but maybe yours?

Better believe this will be my yard next year!

And this is just all shades of awesome.

Mummies may not have a prominent place in my Halloween decor (this year), but they play a big role in the first book in the Most-Wanted Monsters series I'm co-writing with Judith Graves. Check out this post on the Mummy - seriously, this blog could save your life. 

11 sleeps until Halloween. Mwahahahaha.

- Dawn


Those mummies are soo cute! I love the cheese dip one. For some reason, I've always thought of mummies more as cute rather than scary. Maybe it was all that Scooby Do as a child.

Oh my gosh! I can't believe I didn't think to include something from Scooby Do. Loved that show as a kid. Actually, I bet I still love it just as much today!

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