Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas countdown...with prizes! And a confession

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 1:12 PM

Happy December, my dear blogger friends.

I can't believe it, but the second most wonderful time of the year is here! (Halloween is for sure the best, but Christmas is a close second.) It seems like just yesterday I was running for my life from a axe-wielding madman at Farm of Fear...

Oh was just yesterday...but I was at a Christmas tree farm...and it was my husband wielding the ax. <grin>

On the biggest, baddest and most beautiful tree on the planet, of course.

But before that...a contest! I'm hoping you'll join me for the next 24 days during my countdown to Christmas, where I'll be blogging about crafts, gift ideas, recipes, and random holiday goodness. What's in it for you?

* rubs hands together *

An epic book prize that includes a copy of Spirited, and debut novels by three of the most talented writers I know - Jessica Bell,  Judith Graves, and Donna Milward.  PLUS, Judith is throwing in a copy of her beautiful CD.  

Merry Christmas, indeed!

How do you win? Simple, follow the blog and comment on each post. The more times you comment, the greater your chances are to win. The winner will be announced Boxing Day - another gift just when you thought it was all over.

So uh...confession. For the past few years, my husband and I have gone deep into the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree. I'm all about the real thing (though admittedly, there are four fake trees in the house because one can never have enough.)

It's just that in the past, we haven't exactly gone about it *cough * legally.

This year, we decided that draping ourselves in criminal black, leaping tall fences with a single bound, stealthily loading a tree onto the top of our SUV and taking every back route home wasn't exactly keeping with the holiday spirit...

I figured our tradition was over, that we'd be relegated to the Home Depot parking lot, or forced to put up one of the three fake trees stuffed in the basement.

Handsome hubby to the rescue.

Turns out there is a tree farm FIVE MINUTES from my house. It took almost two hours to walk through the 2500 possibilities before narrowing it down to the top three. It's a monster of a tree, my friends.

Hubby loading it onto the wimpy sleigh they gave us...

Dragging it across the vast farm landscape...

And finally setting it up inside the house. Yep, she's a beaut.

A tradition altered...but not broken.

What's your preference - real or fake? And is your tree already set up and trimmed, or does your family have hard, fast rules about when is too early to decorate? (Is there such a thing? I mean, after Halloween, it's pretty much fair

24 sleeps until Santa shimmies down my non-existant chimney. Huzzah!

- Dawn


Ha Ha!! I loved the and Jeff are no longer hardened woodland criminals!!! <3 On the putting up the tree thing...well it's to early for me before at least December 1, usually we put the tree up and decorate around the 10th. But as I have animal family members, the tree is usually mangled and looking like a Charlie Brown tree by the 15th.

I prefer real trees, but HATE the after effects of a real tree, where I am picking needles out of EVERYTHING. So I lower my standards and go with the artificial. :)

After carting that prickly Blue Spruce through the house a few times and stepping on the needles, I almost pulled out the fake tree :-) Almost...

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