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Get lucky with Judith Graves

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 5:12 AM

Second Skin may only be Judith's second published book, but add in the rest of her accomplishments and your head will spin. Judith Graves is no one (or two) hit wonder.

In addition to the thus-far published books in her SKINNED series, Judith's short story, Amelia Strangeways vs the Wraith, was published in SPIRITED, an anthology of 13 chillingly good stories.

The lead character in that story is near to Judith's steampunk heart, and next year, the first book in a new (kick-ass) series, Amelia Strangeways vs the Blood Brothers will no doubt explode into the YA fiction scene. 

Don't believe me? Check out this amazing trailer Judith created for the book. Pretty awesome, right?

Of course it is, because Judith writes YA fiction to DIE for. She also writes scripts, screenplays - and oh yeah, a few songs. Don't multi-talented people annoy you just a little?

In her spare time (ha!), Judith is co-owner of Bridge Social Media, and a literacy cheerleader at a school where she a town just like Redgrave. (For that to make sense, you MUST read Under my Skin, the first book in the SKINNED series...)

If I sound like a proud friend, you'd be right. Though Judith and I met only a year ago, we have forged a friendship that transcends our personal and professional lives - from crit partners, to project collaborators, to business entrepreneurs, and eventually, world domination, she ranks among my most favorite people.

I'm lucky to know her...and since it's St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd spread the luck around a little. In the interview below, Judith talks about Second Skin, which Redgrave hottie you're more likely to pinch for not wearing green today, and her, uh, aversion to Lucky Charms. (But Judith, they're magically delicious!)

Note: For my review on the amazingness that is Second Skin and a different interview with Judith where she dishes on what scares her, go here.

Who is the luckiest character in Second Skin and why?
There isn’t a lot of luck going around in Second Skin, or the world of Redgrave in general. In the SKINNED series, characters that tend to wait around for lady luck to strike like lightning, usually get stuck down, by, you know…lightning. And they don’t get back up.

SKINNED is built around the idea the theme that you become what you make of yourself. Luck, instinct, or your own dark side has nothing to do with it. The choices you make are your own. Opportunities are good or bad depending on how you choose to act upon them.

That being said, I’m sure every character in Second Skin wishes I’d toss in some blind luck now and then.

Ain’t gonna happen.

When it comes to publishing, how much does "luck" play into success?
If by “luck” you mean tirelessly working at perfecting your craft, building a fan base, networking with authors and industry professionals, testing all types of social media and actively utilizing the ones that suit you best, sharing your knowledge with others in the form of author visits, workshops and speaking engagements, oh and having multiple projects on the go at any given moment – then, kind of a lot.

How many times a year do you eat Lucky Charms?
A year? How about in my life so far….maybe, once? Kinda obvious by now I’m not going to win the lottery, eh?

So...which sexy Delacroix boy would look better in green? Wade or Alec - and why?
I’d say Alec in a deep, forest green which would compliment his dark chocolate eyes. Green is the colour of someone “of the earth”,  someone “alive” and with ties to the human world. It’s also the colour of camouflage worn by soldiers and Alec is very much a warrior on a mission. Blood red would be Wade’s colour - preferably gushing and close to body temperature.

Want more Judith? Well, who wouldn't? You can find her on Twitter @judithgraves, at her website, or on Facebook.

- Dawn


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