Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trick or meat?

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 7:46 AM

In what may be one of the goriest PR stunts ever, a human butchery and morgue popped up at London Smithfield's meat market Sept 28 - not in celebration of Halloween, but rather to promote today's release of Resident Evil 6, the latest game instalment in the zombie horror franchise.

Using a variety of meats, the butchers operating under the name Wesker and Sons, prepared life-like human appendages - including the above hand made out of prosciutto - and edible, if not gruesome, full body meals. 

Pork human from Wesker and Sons
The shop takes its names from the Resident Evil character of Albert Wesker, and though the shop was open for only two days, these meat creations have gone viral, lending an extra push of publicity for the highly-anticipated game.

And really, who wouldn't take notice of meat sculptures carved with this kind of detail?

Prosciutto arm from Wesker and Sons
Huh, and I thought my meatloaf hand last year was pretty good :-/

For more information about Wesker and Sons, check out this fake - but great - website.

So, will any of these creeptastic meat treats grace your dining room table this Halloween feast? Or have you got something more gruesome and delicious on your menu? Do share!

28 sleeps until Halloween!

- Dawn


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