Saturday, April 5, 2014

Book 14: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 5:08 PM

Book 14Fangirl
Author: Rainbow Rowell

There are some authors that could re-write the dictionary and I would drool with writer envy — Rainbow Rowell is one of those authors. Her writing isn't just brilliant, it's unique. Not an easy task in today's saturated market. Some of her metaphors simply blew me away.

I really enjoyed Eleanor and Park, and was eager for Fangirl. In truth, I liked Fangirl, but felt it lacked...something. It sure wasn't the writing—Rainbow is a wordsmith through and through—and I liked the characters well enough...but I just didn't connect with the story as much as I'd hoped.

And part of that COULD be because I don't truly understand fan fiction. I haven't written any, and I haven't read any. In Fangirl, I found myself wanting to skip through the fan fic readings and excerpts at the start of each chapter. I didn't, afraid that would mean I'd miss something vital to the story.

The romance was believable and fun, and Cath felt authentic. I enjoyed watching Cath and Levi's relationship bloom. And I LOVED that they connected via fan fiction — I just don't totally get it.

That said, I will read anything Rainbow Rowell writes. She's truly an incredible writer.

— Dawn


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