Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book 16: Concealed in Death

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 8:43 AM

Book 16Concealed in Death
Author: JD Robb

Reading a JD Robb is like coming home — familiar characters I love, solid stories, a great mystery, and no-nonsense writing.

Concealed in Death is no exception. Twelve bodies of young girls are found concealed in the walls of an old building, a building of course owned by Roarke.

And so begins Eve's quest for justice.

As with all In Death stories, I was drawn in from the first page, and while I admit, it took me longer to read this book than what is normal, it had more to do with the distractions of my life rather than the story itself.

Peppered with red herrings, typical Eve snark, and the occasional steamy scene with one of the fiction world's most notorious couples, Concealed in Death was everything a great JD Robb should be.

— Dawn


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