Sunday, October 30, 2011

The final countdown!

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 6:09 PM

It's been a busy, busy weekend.

On Friday night, I took part in a two hour live chat along with several other authors as part of the Crossroads Blog Tour.  What fun! Special thanks to Judith Graves for organizing the tour and to Mundie Moms for hosting such a great event.

And if you're following the tour, you have only until tomorrow at midnight to get your research questions in for a chance to WIN free books, great swag, and an author Skype visit for your library by bestselling (and awesome fun) novelist Rachel Vincent. Go here for all the details...but act fast!

Last night, me and my husband, along with two of our best friends, spent the night at a local Halloween party, where we won first place in the costume contest.

Dying to know what we went as? I'll reveal that on tomorrow's post. (Evil, right?)

I completely lost track of time and even forgot a Halloween countdown blog post yesterday, and tonight's is going up late. Oy!

We had planned to take over the local hall and create a haunted house, but our plans were thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. So we reverted to Plan B, and spent six hours creating Halloween alley in front of our house.

The pictures will be better at night, when the fog machine, strobe lights and other animated props are on full, but here's a few photos to whet your appetite.

His arms flap like wings and his eyes glow red. 

Skeleton emerging from the grave. 

Candy station - to get some, kids must enter the "cemetery."

The entrance sign.

Look closely, the ghost is there. At night, he will glow.

One of many talking props. 

Motion-sensored zombie.

I've now begun counting down HOURS until Halloween because truthfully, there's horror movies to watch, pumpkins to carve, and last-minute projects to complete. I doubt there will be much sleep at all.

Happy night before Halloween!

- Dawn


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