Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - and costume reveal!

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 7:12 AM

Happy Halloween!

I barely slept last night thinking about the awesomeness that is today. 

It's Halloween (no duh!) - my favorite holiday of the year. Yeah, I get that makes me a little...odd.

But what's NOT to love about being whomever you want to be for a WHOLE day? There's candy, and costume parties, and a bevvy of chances to get the poop scared out of you. 

I'm so excited to see what little ghosts and goblins will dare to walk down our Halloween Lane - and which young hearts my husband will almost stop when he bursts from the coffin and yells, "Boo!" 

Pretty sure I'll have my camera rolling.

We spent a few hours last night touching up the spooktacular display outside of our house, and then carved pumpkins. 

My husband is king of the pumpkins and as per expected, his "mummy" is a masterpiece. But my reaper isn't too shabby either. 

I mentioned yesterday that me and hubby won first place in a costume contest this weekend. I'm not a fan of getting my picture taken, but I must admit, I'm proud of us - because it takes a lot of guts walking into a room of zombies, vampires and witches looking like this:

I know, terrifying!

You know what else is scary? You have until only MIDNIGHT today to enter the Crossroads Blog Tour contest for books, swag and an author Skype visit with Rachel Vincent! Go here for details.

Looking for a creeptastic read while you're handing out candy tonight? How about the SPIRITED anthology? 13 haunting tales by bestselling and dreadfully talented debut authors - and proceeds go to support literacy! You can pick up the e-book here.

And perhaps most frightening of all? NaNoWriMo starts TOMORROW. Time to fire up my laptop and outline this year's attempt - maybe THIS will be my year to reach 50,000 words by the end of November. If you are NaNo-ing, good luck!

And have a safe and happy Halloween!

- Dawn


Happy Halloween! I know you're having a fabulous one! Sadly, I've only had one trick-or-treater stop by. *sigh* But my doggies are dressed up!

Happy (late) Halloween! LOVE the photos!

Pebbles and Bam Bam costumes? SO CUTE. You guys deserved the win!

Mary - how many kidlets did you end up with, AND where are the pictures of your dressed up doggies?

Thanks Sangu - and so glad you stopped by :-)

Thanks, Bee. It was a lot of fun.

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