Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween in every room

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 1:57 PM

My family was put to task this weekend, gearing up the inside of our house with spooktacular Halloween decor. It looks AWESOME!

I'm likely not done - there's mason jar lanterns to complete, more window displays to finish, and I'm sure there will be a plethora of cool craft projects to keep me busy right up until October 31.

But here's a few pics of what we've done so far - just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Er, hope our dinner guests aren't spooked by spiders.

We found this for $2 at a garage sale. SCORE!

Sunflowers from my garden. The only thing that grew.

Pumpkins in the sunroom with my plants.

I've always wanted baby pumpkins.

Monster cutouts in the sunroom windows. Cars passing by will be awed.

Ribbon and plastic spiders accent the beta fish tank.

Master bedroom display - sticks and crows.

Straw bale display in the sunroom.

Yes, those are bat place mats on my dining room table. Score!

Spider web on the china cabinet for the giant spider.

Ignore the bad blue bathroom. Sweet peas from the garden.

Hair products and a head.


Bats on the wall.

Hubby thinks we're done. I'm not so sure...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. 21 sleeps until Halloween.

- Dawn


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