Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day of the Zombie

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 7:45 PM

How fitting that today would be the International Day of the Zombie. 

For many Canadians, today was turkey day, and if you're one of the lucky who overstuffed your belly with Thanksgiving goodies, chances are high you're not feeling too energetic. One might say, almost zombie-like. 

While my Halloween household decor (inside or out) rarely includes zombies - we're more partial to skeletons and ghosts - zombies hold a special place in my heart. 

The Not-Quite-Dead Deck of Zombies is the first book in a series of middle grade survival guides I'm co-writing with the amazing Judith Graves

From the book:

"Despite circumstantial evidence to the contrary, your annoying older / younger sibling or uber-tired classmate isn’t likely a zombie. And though your best friend may have that slack-jawed, clueless look about him, chances are he isn’t among the living dead either – just another lifeless husk of humanity.  Zombies are something else entirely. Their souls have vacated the building but their rotting corpses keep on kicking...and biting.

They are the dead…the living dead, undead, or the Not-Quite-Dead as we like to call ’em. Outlined within this volume of the Most-Wanted Monsters series, you’ll unearth 52 key facts that might one day save your life."

We're serious! For weekly survival tips on all kinds of monsters, including zombies, check out our weekly blog and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@MWMonsters).

22 sleeps until Halloween. Whoopa!

- Dawn

P.S. The Not-Quite-Dead Deck of Zombies includes a number of pop culture references you won't find anywhere else. This one didn't quite make the cut for the book - but they did make it into my stepdaughter's closet. These were her Grade 9 grad shoes:


Haha! That book sounds awesome (plus, I love Judith Graves--she's fab!). And look at those shoes! I'd break an ankle in those shoes. :)

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