Friday, October 7, 2011

I can do "cute" too

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 10:10 AM

Contrary to what previous blog posts might suggest, it isn't just the potential gore of Halloween that excites me. It's not all blood and guts. Honest.

Sure, I love a good scare, and the outside of my house will be spooktacular. (And definitely creepy.)

But inside, I'm aiming for a more "cute" Halloween look. No, really.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and although I will be making turkey on Monday (huzzah!), the rest of the weekend will be devoted to writing/editing, and decorating the interior of my house - "cute" Halloween style.

Much to my husband's chagrin, I plan to have every room in the house decked out with something from a long list of craft project ideas.

Most of those ideas come from Pinterest (shocking, I know), but they require limited supplies. In fact, most of the items are likely hidden in your garage, the great outdoors or the craft room.

Here's a few of the projects I'm working on:

Jazz up an old chalkboard. Use food coloring for the drinks - water, juice, martini, whatever your poison. 

I'm so doing this for the dining room. Black construction paper, scissors and tape.

More black construction paper. Love it!

Tissue paper and toilet paper - perfect cute addition to the bathroom.

I'm going to use construction paper to tape onto some of our mirrors. You could also paint.

I'm sure there will be more - but I can't share ALL my secrets. Yet.

24 more sleeps until Halloween. It's getting closer...

- Dawn


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