Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Alice in Wonderland

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 4:23 PM

Last year, I attempted the A to Z Blogging Challenge with young adult books starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. I was going to follow that same theme, but I knew so many of them would be the same and this year, I've been trying my hand at script writing - with fairly good success. So, I decided to base this year's theme on either movies I loved as a kid - or movies made for kids. Join me on a Hollywood adventure?

Oh, and before I begin, a special thanks to Arlee Bird, the famous blogger who challenged us to think outside the box and hone our blogging chops.

*   *   *

I've loved every film version of Alice in Wonderland I've ever seen, but I'd be lying if I didn't tag Timothy Burton's rendition as my favourite. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter? Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen? How can you go wrong?

Sure, Johnny's a bit creepy in the role (and yet, still vaguely hot), and Helena's head is, well, HUGE. But there's just so much to love about this version - and the story as a whole.

Alice in Wonderland is, in fact, one of my favorite young adult books of all time. It's one of the reasons I wanted to start writing - and sometimes, my Mom still calls me Alice...her dreamer.

What movie would make your A list?

- Dawn

Honorable Mention: Adventures in Babysitting - yeah, brace yourself for a bevy of movies from the 80s over the next month.


I really loved this movie too! Great idea for A-Z :) I look forward to your posts!
I can't think of any A movies! I really liked Raising Arizona (at least it has an A in it...).

I am also doing movies. lol! Just my favorites. I really enjoyed this version too. But I am old and very fond of the old Disney 1951 one :) Singing flowers are so cute. Who knew they could be so mean? I look forward to the rest of the list:)

Thanks, Lexie. I loved Raising Arizona, too!

Ah, good call, Kathy. Singing flowers that go mean! The power of Hollywood. I'll be over to your blog checking out how many of our have movies match. Have fun.

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