Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B if for Breakfast Club

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 9:32 AM

Last year, I attempted the A to Z Blogging Challenge with young adult books starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. I was going to follow that same theme, but I knew so many of them would be the same and this year, I've been trying my hand at script writing - with fairly good success. So, I decided to base this year's theme on either movies I loved as a kid - or movies made for kids. Join me on a Hollywood adventure?

*    *   *

Perhaps the easiest flick to choose for this blogging challenge - B is DEFINITELY for The Breakfast Club.

I seriously love this movie. Everything about this movie. The acting, the story, it's ability to remain a cult classic after so many years. Ah, the power of director John Hughes.

Honestly, I wish I'd written this.

The Breakfast Club is the movie that made me fall for Molly Ringwald, gave me my first true "bad boy crush" and infected me with my first musical ear worm. Who doesn't still associate "Don't Your Forget About Me" with this amazing film?

Last year, I had the pleasure of introducing The Breakfast Club to my teenaged step daughter. I actually wondered - for about a nanosecond - whether it would resonate with her, whether she'd "get it" or if it was another of those memories from my youth that didn't quite transfer.

No worries. She's watched it at least a half dozen times and loves it. It's her go-to movie when she's sick, sad, or in the mood to share it with a friend. The Breakfast Club never really gets old, does it?

What 80s classic never gets old for you? Or - who is your favorite character from The Breakfast Club?

- Dawn


My daughters also had to go through the ritual and they loved it! This movie, yea one of a kind. Thank you for the memory!

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by :-)

This will be a fun A-Z theme to follow. Thanks for doing it. My fave 80's films are Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. I'm your newest follower!

Thanks, Cathy! Dirty Dancing and Flashdance are ABSOLUTELY on my list :-)

Hmmm... Breakfast Club is certainly a classic 80's flick.

I think it's great that you were able to share this movie with your step-daughter.

You've given me a hankering to see if it's on our DVD shelf at home.

I'm still scratching my head for other older comfort movies. I adore Princess Bride, for instance, oh - and Willow... I even still enjoy The Dark Crystal and The Labryinth, at times!

Happy A to Z to you. I'll be back. :)


Well, if we're talking about "things I wish I'd written," the list would be really long! Breakfast Club is definitely a good pick.
I'm not an A-Zer, but I'm a big Horror fan and a new follower. :-)

Oh yes. Definitely one of my top three John Hughes flicks :)

Tui - you've listed some GREAT movies I'd ALMOST forgotten about. Thank you. Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are absolutely on my list.

Lexa - my "wish I had written that" list is also very very long :-( Thanks for the follow!

Kathy - Agreed.

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