Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Terminator

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 11:37 AM

Last year, I attempted the A to Z Blogging Challenge with young adult books starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. I was going to follow that same theme, but I knew so many of them would be the same and this year, I've been trying my hand at script writing - with fairly good success. So, I decided to base this year's theme on either movies I loved as a kid - or movies made for kids. Join me on a Hollywood adventure?

*    *   *

Kyle Reese: John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn't know why at the time. It was very old - torn, faded. You were young like you are now. You seemed just a little sad. I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment. I memorized every line, every curve. I came across time for you Sarah. I love you; I always have.

Has there ever been a more romantic movie line? No, really.  Oh sure, there are the classics, like "You had me at Hello" but for me, nothing "has" me swooning faster than the above dialogue from The Terminator, my absolute favorite "T" movie. Actually, it's one of my favorite movies...ever.

If there was ever a franchise I'd love to write a spec script for, it's this one. I can quote it almost line for line, and the opening scene music gives me chills. Love it, love it, love it.

And yeah, as a young teen - and perhaps still today - Kyle Reese was my dream man. Pretty sure I married him several times in multiple fake ceremonies after every time I watched this classic.  

Feels like a movie and popcorn kind of afternoon, actually. 

Got a better "T" movie? Share!

- Dawn

Shoot! While looking for a picture of the the handsome Kyle Reese, I somehow stumbled on a picture of Tom Cody (Michael Pare) from the movie Streets of Fire.  I cannot believe I didn't tag Streets of Fire as my "S" movie - perhaps one of the most influential movies of my youth.

Not only does Streets of Fire star Michael Pare (swoon) but also the beautiful Diane Lane, who is probably one of my favorite actors of all time. 

I wasn't really allowed to watch this movie when I was a kid - but every New Year's Eve when my Dad went out, I snuck it in. Looking bad, there's nothing uber racy in it - but it is a bit cheesy, in the best of ways of course.

Amazing soundtrack, too.

Huh, I might have to make it a double-feature afternoon.


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