Friday, October 14, 2011

The annual costume debate

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 9:47 AM

With just 18 sleeps until Halloween, I'm starting to think...panic...about what to be for Halloween this year.

Most of the adult costumes in the stores are either too tight, too short, or inappropriate for my taste. Especially since my primary role on the big day is to scout out the trick-or-treaters and determine whether they are old enough to avoid permanent heart damage when my husband leaps out of the coffin wearing a creepy mask.  Yes, a real coffin. Like I said, Halloween is big at our place.

Hubby tends to keep things simple. He has a skeleton mask, a grey wig, and a long trenchcoat. It's effective. Particularly when he's jumping (and growling) from a casket.

Two years ago, I dressed up as a pirate for a friend's Halloween wedding. Last year, I pulled it out of the drawer and considered wearing it...then opted for just being myself. Trust me, some mornings, that's scary enough. And it's tough to compete with my husband's childlike affection for scaring the local youth.

But last year, my 6'6" hubby had a eureka moment, and while I dismissed his idea (immediately), he keeps bringing it up. Even last week! He's hooked on "couple" costumes, which at first, I thought was cute. Romantic, even.

Until he said he wanted to be the Jolly Green Giant.

He explained in great detail how he would paint himself green and enlist my help to sew some kind of loin-cloth-ish attire. And since he is a tall, fit man, I can see how it would garner some attention. But I couldn't quite figure out the "couple" part. A quick Google search proved the Giant didn't have a love interest, not a girlfriend, or wife. In fact, his only companion is...

Yep. Brussel Sprout.

Over my dead, short body.

So uh, what's the silliest costume you've ever worn? And if you've managed to steer clear of the silly, do you have any tips you could offer? Green just isn't my color...

- Dawn


LOL--Brussel Sprout would definitely be a terrible costume. I'm not much for dressing up (I have my cat ears and a t-shirt but that's about it) but I LOVE to see what others wear!

Me too, Mary! I lived by West Edmonton Mall for a few years, and it was tradition to hang out and see the parade of mini ghosts and goblins. It's always fun to see which kids buck the trends.

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