Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rock and roll all Halloween night

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 9:17 AM

Some say rock and roll never dies.

I’m inclined to agree. Especially after my husband found this incredible five-piece life-size skeleton band at a local Halloween store. 

I know I said we’d like to change our outside décor to mummies next year, but I think I’ve changed my mind.

With flashing red eyes, and limited animated movement, these awesome undeads would be perfect for a house party, or on stage at the local pup. Sadly, they don’t come cheap.

Without the obvious props (strobe light, mirrored backsplash, rock and roll CD’s), this boy band will run you about $2,000. I wouldn't even have paid that for a Backstreet Boy! And as much as we LOVE Halloween, I think we’d need to win the lottery to justify this purchase.

Still, a girl can dream.

There’s just FIVE sleeps until the big day now, and instead of getting excited, I’m starting to panic. There’s still so much to do. We need to make a few more chicken wire ghosts, finish up the monster cut-out in the front window, carve a few pumpkins, and set up our spooktacular front yard.

Have you set up your outside Halloween décor? Send me a picture of the best yard on your block – even if it is yours – and I’ll enter your name into a draw for a chance to WIN a copy of Spirited, the anthology everyone will be talking about.

And hey, guess what? The digital version of Spirited is now available on – 6 days early! That’s no trick. I hope you consider purchasing a copy – Leap Books is donating the proceeds from the sales of Spirited to 826 National, a literacy-based charity. And of course, you can win a copy of the anthology by checking out the Bridge or Leap blogs…

-       Dawn

PS – Following the Crossroads Blog Tour? With all the great swag up for grabs, you should be! The fourth Ghosthunters clue is up here. You can find me at Narratively Speaking, where me and Lynsey chat about character inspiration and my family's plans for Halloween.


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