Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombies and other fairy tales

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 7:56 AM

Before I rant about the new TV show I'm currently obsessed with, a quick Crossroads Blog Tour reminder...

Today I'm over at the Book Swarm blog chatting about writerly inspiration and all things haunted. And don't forget to follow the tour on Twitter (@TheCrossroadsBT) - plenty of great prizes to be won.

So as I was saying. New TV show. New Obsession.

I'm hooked on Once Upon a Time. Last night's series premiere was, in my humble opinion, a brilliant execution of a brilliant concept. And oh, so ambitious.

I loved the dual role of each actor and the challenge of trying to determine what fairytale characters had been selected for each scene. So freaking clever!

The reviews of subsequent episodes aren't stellar, but I'm holding hope that this modern twist on the classics has staying power.

I was blindsided with a head cold last night, and in my tossy-turny sleep, I dreamed of Once Upon a Time and the other adaptations of storybook classics.

I'm not surprised to discover even Alice in Wonderland has a creepy twin. Check out the ultra cool graphic novel, Alice in Zombieland. Damn. Sure wish I'd thought of that - AND Once Upon a Time.

Did you watch the series premiere last night? Will you tune in for the second episode?

Seven sleeps until Halloween - with all of this great TV and stellar reading material, I may not get a day's rest until after the big day!

- Dawn

PS - Round 4 of the SPIRITED  Ghosthunters contest started yesterday. Check out the blog for a chance to win a copy of the anthology everyone will be talking about...


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