Thursday, December 29, 2011

And, that's a wrap

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 7:59 PM

Yikes. My holiday countdown was a total bust.

Though I tried to do a blog post everyday of December - and even offer up some killer book prizes - the chaos of Christmas snuck in and stole my time. Like, all of it.

Added to that was Blogger's refusal to allow most readers to comment on my posts, rendering the rules virtually useless.

Just goes to show, I'm way better at creepy. (The Halloween countdown was a huge success...)

The Christmas decorations are down, and the house has been restored to it's pre-season homey feel. I've already started marking down my New Year's resolutions.

On my other blog my best friend and I are doing the 100 Books in 2012 challenge. Yeah, that's just what it sounds like - read 100 books by Dec. 31, 2012. We'll be blogging about them throughout the year - feel free to stop on by and offer recommendations.

Thanks to Judith, my writing/reading/exercise/life schedule is almost done (she has a great organizational system) and the first issue of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, which I co-edit with Jessica is slated for release January 5, 2012.

That's just the TIP of the iceberg in a frozen sea of hot, hot projects.

I'm ready to get started. Forget the Doomsday predictions - 2012 is going to kick butt.

Wishing you and yours a safe and prosperous New Year.

- Dawn


I wish you and your best friend success in the book challenge!

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