Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Footloose

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 10:51 AM

Last year, I attempted the A to Z Blogging Challenge with young adult books starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. I was going to follow that same theme, but I knew so many of them would be the same and this year, I've been trying my hand at script writing - with fairly good success. So, I decided to base this year's theme on either movies I loved as a kid - or movies made for kids. Join me on a Hollywood adventure?

*    *   *

Jump back!

Holy crap, I loved Footloose. Still do. The original, in case there was any question. I haven't seen the reboot - not sure if I can handle anyone else in the lead role of Ren besides Kevin Bacon. (Though, I've heard I wouldn't hate the 2011 version...)

I admit, some of the cheesiest lines from 80s flicks come from Footloose. Some of the dorkiest dance moves also come from Footloose. 

But none of that matters, because the movie has a fabulous soundtrack, stars Kevin Bacon (who I loved then, and adore now as Ryan Hardy in the TV series The Following), and it fuels my insatiable love of dance flicks. Plus, there's a tractor race.

Give me a man who knows his way around the dance floor, and I'm half way in love. Bonus if he looks like Kevin - back then, or now. But turn him in to a small town hero that can tame the Reverend's daughter (loved Lori Singer), cure the cowboy of his two left feet, and fight for truth, justice and DANCING, yeah, you've got my heart forever. 

Footloose is an annual tradition around my house.

Does Footloose get your toes tapping? If not, what's your F movie of choice?

- Dawn

PS - Flashdance was a close second. Yep, I love me some cheesy dance flicks. <grin>


I enjoyed Footloose! But I still love Dirty Dancing better. :-)

Ohmigosh, great minds....

My F post was Footloose too, for basically the same reasons as yours! Great post. Happy A-to-Z-ing. Katie

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