Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Interview with the Vampire

Posted by Dawn Dalton on 6:00 AM

Last year, I attempted the A to Z Blogging Challenge with young adult books starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. I was going to follow that same theme, but I knew so many of them would be the same and this year, I've been trying my hand at script writing - with fairly good success. So, I decided to base this year's theme on either movies I loved as a kid - or movies made for kids. Join me on a Hollywood adventure?

*    *   *

Yeah, I know, Interview with the Vampire may not be completely kid appropriate, but I watched it when I was a teen and I turned out okay. Mostly.

Seriously, though, back when I was just starting to get into fiction starring supernaturals, I drank this movie up - and not just because I was still crushing on Brad Pitt AND Tom Cruise. The writer in me was fascinated by the hoopla around casting, and I'd read the book enough times to understand Anne Rice's concerns. Her characterization was enviable!

In the end, I think this IS a great book to movie adaptation - and it remains on regular rotation in my house. Vampire movies can be hit or miss with me - I never really got into Blade Runner or those kinds of flicks. But I can appreciate that Interview was a risk back in the day. One that I think paid off.

But then, this was before Tom got a little crazy - and Brad did some strange stuff in his personal life. (Yeah, I'm still kind of on Team Jennifer, even though I do love Angelina.)

Got a better "I" flick for me? Tell me!

- Dawn


I'm a fan. Watched it as a kid and it scared the crap out of me.

Happy A to Z blogging!

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